New Recruits

Those new recruits wishing to embark on a career in Electrical Compliance Engineering or switch careers from a related business have the opportunity to train with a vibrant organisation acknowledged as experts in the field.

Based at: Macclesfield

Reports to: Project Engineer, Lead Inspector

Job Purpose: Complete the client’s inspection requirements and report on findings. Assist with client’s ongoing compliance and remedial design requirements.

Typical roles
• Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)
• Data Entry and Verification
• Inspection assistant
• Design Support (Electrical, Control, and Haz Area)
• Documentation for design projects
• Site Surveys

Scope and Indicators:
Work on sites range from a single day of inspections to several weeks. Clients include power stations, pharmaceuticals industries, petroleum industries, chemical plants and airports all around the UK. After training your work will be divided between assisting inspectors/engineers on site and providing support for the related office work. Although our primary work is site based an equal proportion of the support work is completed at our office.

Knowledge/Attitude: Though you may have little relevant knowledge to begin you will be expected to learn about our business quickly. A positive attitude is required. Initially your duties will centre around the office and for this a basic level of computer literacy is essential, and an understanding of office procedure will be useful.

Territory: UK, own vehicle is required.

You must be in good health and have a clean driving license.

We will provide you with the necessary training and protective clothing. You will be supervised at all times during your training. In addition to an attractive wage you will be paid a home-away allowance and full expenses.


New Recruits

Lay the foundations of a successful engineering career with specialist training and experience...


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