Graduate Opportunities

In Electrical Compliance Engineering
                Electrical Wiring Regs,
                Flammable Hazard Regulations,
                Safety Instrumented Systems.

Take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to add to your recently acquired engineering qualification by training with the acknowledged experts in the field.

Gain invaluable hands-on experience at sites across the UK and an insight into a wide cross section of British industry at first hand.

Ideal for those embarking on a career in engineering, it is the perfect start for a future in design engineering, management or compliance.

You will be enthusiastic, hard-working and willing to learn quickly in a customer focussed business priding itself on solving problems and delivering results. You will be working at industrial sites throughout the country and completing reports back in the office.

Based at: Macclesfield

Reports to: Project Engineer, Project Manager

Scope and Indicators:
After appropriate training you will carry out equipment inspections at sites across the country, working alongside an experienced inspector. Our clients include power stations, pharmaceuticals industries, petroleum industries and other commercial properties. Part of your duties will involve reporting on your findings and making recommendations, and for this you will need to have a good command of the written word. Given the right aptitude there is scope for working in instrument/electrical/control design.

Knowledge: You will have a degree in engineering. Over time you will be encouraged to become a technical expert. You will be expected to be computer literate to the extent that the job dictates, e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, Autocad if necessary, and to fully understand the commercial aspects of our service.

Territory: UK, own vehicle is required.

You will be in good health and must have a clean driving license.

We will provide you with the necessary training and protective clothing. You will work at all times with an experienced engineer. In addition to an attractive wage you will be paid a home-away allowance and full expenses.


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Add to your recently acquired engineering qualification by training with the acknowledged experts...


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