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IEC was formed in 1983. We are a focused team of professional compliance engineers, design engineers and site inspectors and testers.
 By concentrating on electrical (EAWR) and hazardous area (DSEAR) engineering compliance we offer a highly competent support team to help our clients meet their obligations under the Regulations. We are very mindful of the requirements regarding competency and the need for demonstrating it; it’s at the heart of what we do. In this respect our credentials are a proven blend of qualifications, training and development, accreditation and experience.

Our engineers are highly qualified.  At Inglewood they complete an intensive programme of internal training courses and continuing assessment. They complete external training courses where it is appropriate and seek national accreditation where it exists, e.g. Comp’Ex’, C&G 2381, C&G 2391.

We operate a coaching and mentoring system. Following successful completion of initial training and assessment courses, our junior engineers work with an experienced compliance engineer on many projects before being given any opportunity to lead a project on their own.


We have been working on electrical/instrument design and compliance on industrial sites for over 20 years, during which time we have built up a wealth of experience.  This has stood us in good stead in a wide variety of premises - Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Sites, Cement Works, Food Manufacturers, Fuel Depots, Stores, Power Stations, Airports, Petrol Stations, Office Buildings, Laboratories etc.  In fact there are few sectors we haven’t already encountered.  Many organisations, large and small, have appreciated the broad range of our experience.

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