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Complied Electrics –
DSEAR IT Management Tool

The physical condition of equipment in a hazardous area is clearly what matters most, more so than any paper or electronic system that describes it. However the best measure of a well maintained plant is a good management system. It proves a commitment to maintenance. And it’s one of the things an HSE inspector will look for. Amongst other things such a system would make manageable an inventory of all the equipment in the area that threatens to be an ignition source.

That’s the safety and regulatory aspect. But it also makes sense economically; to use the information gained during the verification of a new plant, now mandatory under DSEAR, as the platform for an inexpensive compliance regime.

Complied Electrics, exclusively on offer through IEC, is designed to answer any regulatory concerns and to keep you in efficient control.

Its features include:-

  • Web based system - it can be accessed from anywhere in the World using a standard Web browser.
  • Any registered user may access or update information as required.
  • No special software required.
  • Inventory focussed. Register of all equipment ignition sources in the hazardous area.
  • Unlimited number of items of equipment.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Remote access to previous inspections of an item of equipment, demonstrating signed-off compliance with appropriate 60079 protocol.
  • Timeline of inspections, demonstrating on-going compliance regime in place.
  • Access to applicable hazardous area equipment certificates.
  • Search & retrieve facilities.
  • Built-in Audit trail and change control.
  • Non-conformance tracker tools.

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