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Hazardous Area Case Study 2 –
Petroleum Industry Area Classification

With all the publicity concerning DSEAR our client was concerned that one of his sites, a fuel storage depot, had never been assessed. Within a few weeks of his instruction we had carried out the risk assessment and the area classification, in this case to the IP25 industry standard. Because we have all the necessary resources in-house we could follow straight on with the area classification drawings and certified equipment inspections. The site itself, though part of a large international company, was relatively small, and we went on to complete the standard electrical (EAWR) inspections and testing as part of the same exercise.

Before we came along our client felt very exposed but all that changed within a short period of time. His site was assessed and measured against the requirements of both sets of regulations, DSEAR and EAWR, and he could demonstrate compliance with confidence. He achieved all of this through a single point of contact and he knows we’re here to help if he needs our further support.

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