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IEC Safety Instrumented Systems Capability

Before the introduction of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards, major chemical companies devised and worked to their own engineering guidelines for the design and implementation of trip and alarm systems.

Inglewood has worked continuously for a number of these companies since its formation in 1983. Our engineers have lived with the standards as they have evolved and are as familiar as any practitioners with what is required to comply.

At Inglewood, we are involved with initial hazard analysis, determination of risk reduction, production of the safety requirements specification, defining the safety integrity levels, safety instrumented system design, system reliability calculations and site trip testing.

We regularly audit existing plant alarm and trip systems to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Case Studies

Safety System Design

IEC were asked to complete a full safety instrumented system design...

Safety System Calculation

A new client asked IEC for assistance with their existing safety instrumented...

Safety System Site Testing

An existing client had recently completed commissioning of a new...

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